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"The story has the feeling of a classic that speaks to our time, its people emblematic archetypes of our current level of advancement in human rights. With its escalating conflict and dramatic buildup,  the tears and laughter happily come forth ... thoroughly heartwarming, entertaining and educational. I loved spending time with these  well-observed characters- if we’re wise enough to take a hint we will  learn something."

-Linda Segall Anable (writer, editor, story analyst)

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Feature Film

Marcus and Daniel are getting married.

Their foster son Noah calls them "Dad & Pops". They're a "typical" American family, juggling wedding and adoption plans... until suddenly their world is turned upside down.

Marcus' estranged religious father returns to take over the family business, setting events in motion that threaten to tear the family apart. After years of distance and denial, Marcus has one more chance to reconcile with his father and face the painful memories of his past, before he can raise a family of his own.


FOLLOW handles pressing and sensitive issues about race, religion, family, and equality. It delivers with honesty and truth. FOLLOW personalizes the issues and brings it all home. Home, where we all want to feel safe and welcome.

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